Knowing who your representatives are on the state and national level is critically important to our success. 

This site was created to give library staff and patrons easy access to the legislators representing communities in NLLN's 23 county region. 

When we know who is representing us, we can work to ensure our needs are met and fix any problems we encounter.

Let's work with our legislators so they know the importance of public libraries that provide free access to vast amounts of information for everyone.

Recently Added Items

United States Senator

Amy Klobuchar.jpg

Current United States Senator representing Minnesota First Elected: 2006 Committees: Judiciary; Joint Economic; Commerce, Science, and Transportation;…

United States Senator


Current United States Senator representing Minnesota First elected: 2018Committees: Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions; Judiciary; Indian Affairs;…

Congressional District 7

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Current United States House of Representatives member representing Congressional District 7 First elected: 1990 Committees: Agriculture Counties…